2011 Best DVD Ripping Software - Mac & PC, Free & Paid DVD Rippers

by Huntley in General / 12.02.10

It’s been a while, so we figured it was about time to update our DVD Ripping post for you guys. Not much has changed on the features & functionality front since our post on top DVD rippers last year. You still want to make sure to paydvd_image attention to the same key attributes that we talked about in last year’s post: Ease of Use, Speed, Video Format & Codec options, Frame Size Resolution & Aspect Ratios, Bitrate Manipulation, Media Selectivity, Batch Conversion Support, Encryption/Decryption Capabilities, and Picture Deinterlacing, Cropping & Scaling.

But, while not much has changed on the ‘attributes to consider’ front, there have been some noticeable changes to the landscape of DVD offerings. We’ve been trying to update the old post as new tools have come out, but it’s finally time to just start out on a new one.

There are really 2 big divisions to consider. First, are you using a Mac or a PC? Second, are you looking for a free option or are you willing to pay for a higher-end application? I hate to say that you get what you pay for because there are plenty of fantastic free options out there, but if you’re serious about this or picky about your output, I would definitely suggest investing the money up-front to get an application that can generate the output file and quality level that you want.

So, paid options to start with:
1. DVDFab DVD Ripper ($50) & Blu-Ray Ripper ($60) - PC Only

It dvdfabrippertakes a lot to get this top spot, but we feel like the DVD Fab folks have earned it (even if they don’t have a Mac version).  These DVD/Blu-Ray Rippers are possibly the most powerful, flexible and fast tools you can find for ripping and converting your DVD video content to popular file formats for storage or playback on many devices including iPod, iPad, PS3, Xbox, and many cellphones and personal media players. However, these are only available to PC/Windows users.  They have a great user interface that allows user control over tons of output parameters and supports multi-core CPUs and batch conversion to make ripping go lightning fast. Like all DVDFab products, DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVD Fab Blu-Ray Ripper are designed to accommodate both new and experienced users with a user interface that offers both power and simplicity.

1b. Toast 11 Titanium ($100 but on sale for $80) and Toast 11 Pro ($150 but on sales for $130) - Mac Only

As with DVDFab, Toast has earned this top spot for Mac users.  It’s still the most robust of all the DVD toast11titaniumripping software we’ve come across for Mac. It can rip, convert and decrypt any DVD, any timecode, any chapter. It is a huge time saver and rips twice as fast as any other ripping application. Its speed surprises me every time by finishing fast and signalling it’s finished with a delightful little “ding.” Very refreshing. It’s been around for about 10 years, but they keep making it better. It’s also racked up on the awards front with recent recognition coming from both toast11proMacWorld and the Mac Observer in addition to rave reviews from Computer Shopper, AppleTell and many others.

Toast 10 Pro offers all of the bells and whistles of Toast Titanium but also gives you the ability to create a custom soundtrack, remove unwanted noise, burn HD video to DVD and Blu-Ray, enhance photos with Lightzone, and create gorgeous HD slide shows.

2. Aiseesoft DVD Ripper: PCAiseesoft DVD Ripper: Mac ($35)

Still not sure how to pronounce, but it does just what it says; it rips DVDs. It’s not as robust as the Toast or DVDFab products, but it works well, it’s fast, users seem to like it and it has a great price point. It even offers some basic editing functionality and a whole host of different file format/container options. Therefore it’s worthy of being in the top 5.

3. Daniusoft DVD Ripper: PC & Daniusoft DVD Ripper: Mac ($40)

We’re not sure why you charge the PC people an extra $0.95, but ours is not to question why.  And, we like these guys because they have a good product and they support both Mac & PC.  They only offer a product trial download of the PC version, which you can get here.

Next Up: Free Options

1. Handbrake - Mac & PC Options (FREE)

This is the favorite of the free options in our office - it works for both our ‘Mac people’ and our ‘PC people’, and the interface is pretty clean once you figure out what settings you like to rip with.  They offer both a GUI interface and a command line interface, but if you knew me at all, you’d know that I am entirely unprepared to comment on or use a command line interface for pretty much anything.

2. MPEG Stream Clip - Mac & PC Options (FREE)

I would be remiss to leave out MPEG Stream Clip - Jeff & Brittanie would be particularly upset with me as they’re long-time film/video folks and big fans of this powerful little ripper.

Last: Recommendations we’ve received from Trusted Sources but haven’t used ourselves

1. Wondershare DVD Ripper (PC - $40) & Wondershare DVD Ripper (Mac - $45)

Wondershare has been in the DVD ripping business for a while, too.  The Wondershare tools are also thankfully available to both Mac & PC users - phew! Depending on what you’re looking to do, you may want to upgrade to the”suites” that package the Wondershare DVD ripping offerings with video conversion applications (DVD Ripper & Video Converter Suite for PC and DVD Ripper & Video Converter Suite for Mac) that will enhance the value of the software package for you.

Wondershare prides itself on the speed of its conversion & ripping programs.  We’re told it has also done a tremendous amount of work on the user interface.  If you’d like to check it out (and you’re using a PC), you can download a trial version of Wondershare’s DVD ripper program  here.

2. iOrgsoft DVD Ripper - PC & iOrgsoft DVD Ripper - Mac ($39)

iOrgSoft is a newcomer to our list, but we’ve gotten really good reports on them from a number of folks that have tested their products out.  And, as with Wondershare, a free trial version is available to test before purchasing through a trial download - if you’re using a PC.  You can get the PC DVD ripper trial here and the Mac DVD Ripper trial here.

Okay, think that’s it for now.  Happy Ripping!


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  1. Pele, December 30, 2010:

    Hi, thanks for your advice. I saw your post last year’s post about best dvd ripping software. i use aiseesoft dvd ripper right now. it works well as you said.
    Thanks for the renew of the post this year’s best dvd ripping software.

  2. Aaron, January 19, 2011:

    I’ve been using Handbrake for a while now, and it takes anywhere from 4-8 hours to rip one DVD. Is that normal? Also, if there is a movie with subtitle due to lines in a foreign language, they don’t seem to rip over with the file (I know how to get the subtitles for hearing impaired, it is only the subtitles embedded in the move that don’t seem to rip over). This made Defiance hard to watch! I have a Mac Book Pro w/ OS X 10.5.8. Everyone seems to talk about how wonderful Handbrake is, but with the time it takes to rip, and not getting the subtitles seems to be pretty key. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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