About Us

About MindBites

MindBites is an end-to-end video publishing and commerce platform.  We work with video content creators of all shapes and sizes to enable them to sell their video content on the web, on-demand and via mobile devices.  Our content partners upload, manage and price their own video content, which they can then make available for sale through the MindBites marketplace and/or through custom video-on-demand stores that can be built off of the MindBites platform and designed to look like and integrate into their own sites.

MindBites handles all sorts of video content – from 5 minute lessons on Algebra to 90 minute sales seminars to 60 minute yoga classes to 10 minute guides designed to help you repair your home treadmill or learn how to stripe a parking lot.  Additionally, MindBites authors can create and sell courses or bundles made up of their individual videos; the ability to sell these series means that authors can encourage users to upsell to larger purchases in exchange for discounts relative to what they would pay for the individual videos included in a series based upon a la carte video prices.

MindBites content partners are also a diverse group – the MindBites solutions team works with our enterprise clients that are generally established video production houses and digital publishing companies looking for paid content consulting services as well as more robust video platform features.  Different MindBites video-on-demand platform levels offer a range of options for both individuals and small/medium businesses looking to sell access to their video content online.

Who We Are

Our team is an ever expanding group of unique, talented and fun (if not a little goofy) individuals. As a group, we have experience from such varied institutions as Whole Foods, Harvard Business School, Dell, Burnt Orange Productions, McKinsey and Company, Value Click, FreeMarkets, Bain & Company and Kiva Systems, to name a few. We have worked in such areas as web development, e-commerce, publishing, professional education, TV and film production, design, sales, marketing and entrepreneurial ventures. Most importantly though, we’re a group that includes bad but aspiring chefs, gardeners, artists, bartenders, golfers and foosball players. We own old houses and have no idea how to fix them. We’d like to learn foreign languages, have dreamed of knowing martial arts, and are always trying to figure out how to use our latest technical gadget. Simply put, we love learning, and that’s why we’re here.

Our Investors

MindBites is proud to be a portfolio company of True Ventures of Palo Alto, CA, who led the Series A investment round in February of 2008. John Burke, from True, serves on the MindBites Board of Directors. MindBites is humbled and excited to thus be a part of the True portfolio of companies that includes: Meebo, Brightroll, GigaOm, Automattic (WordPress), GoodReads, KISSMetrics and WeGame among others.

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