Austin City Limits Music Festival 2009: How to Get Cheap or Sold-Out ACL Tickets

by Brittanie in Author Highlight, Faves, General / 09.30.09

austin-city-limits-music-festival-tickets1It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially when it comes to buying ACL tickets. Let’s face it; we’re all dogs. Everyone wants to sell their tickets to the highest bidder or get them cheap and with no work involved. But the truth is, you have to work to find the deals. You have to put up with spamming your friends’ Facebook status feeds or religiously checking Craigslist throughout the day. It’s not fun, and it takes up a lot of time; but, the good news is you can get good at it. Here are some tips to becoming the world’s best Austin City Limits ticket scavenger:

1. If you’re out of town, you might be in luck.

Ticket-holders that live in Dallas, Houston or San Antonio and can’t make the festival end up selling their tickets for cheap…if you can pick them up where they are, which is not in Austin. Out-of-town ticket-holders don’t want to drive or mail their tickets overnight, so check your local Craigslist. You could be in luck.

2. If you’re in Austin, start with Craigslist.

Don’t wait until the day before to get the cheapest tickets. I follow Craigslist religiously each year and it doesn’t get cheaper. Even though ticket-holders should be more desperate by then, they hold out even till the very end. Not a cool business model IMHO, but it works for them and their karma.

The easiest way to check a forum site like Craigslist is to add their RSS feed to your RSS reader. I use Google Reader, and it is fabulous! Here is the feed I read religiously: Craigslist RSS Feed for ACL Tickets.

3. Ask your Friends directly.

Friends don’t overcharge friends. If they do, question their friendship.

4. Use social network sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Post a status update every 3 hours. Friends/users check their accounts at different times throughout the day, so this will ensure that they see your post and hopefully pass it along to their friends with tickets to sell. austin-city-limits-music-festival1

And, make use of Twitter Search for ACL tix. It is your best friend, for real. You can find anything you need, including ACL-ticket giveaway contests! (See Tip #5.)

5. Enter online contests to win tickets

Always enter any online contest that is giving away free tickets. Usually, all you have to do is tweet about the contest or say why you’re the best person to win the tickets, etc. There’s not much work involved. Mr. Gatti’s is finishing up a contest today (September 30) that asks you to simply become a fan of their Facebook Page and then post a comment on their wall telling them why you’d be the best “Roving Reporter.” Austin City Limits also has their own Facebook Fan Page that periodically posts contests to win free VIP passes or side-stage seats.

You can easily track a new contest in the works by setting up a Google Alert for “win ACL tickets.” Or just Google it. Twitter has a fabulous search feature that lets you see what Twitter users have tweeted about ACL tickets and ticket giveaways in real time. Definitely make use of this information.

6. Listen to the radio and check updates from your local news stations!

Local radio stations like 101X usually have radio contests to win free tickets to Austin City Limits or whatever festival is in town. Right now, 101X is paired up with Mr. Gatti’s to announce the 4 winners to their contest “Be a Roving Reporter” tomorrow morning on The Morning X when one lucky winner will get a Media badge!

Let me know your genius way(s) of finding cheap ACL tickets by posting in the comments below. And good luck!

We have other resources on ACL and Austin in general. Check out this lesson on Austin Hot Spots and this blog post from last year on ways to survive ACL.



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