Flower Arrangements for Valentine’s Day

by Ellen Ambrose in Faves, General / 02.10.09

Giving your loved one a beautiful Valentine’s Day flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day is part of a very long standing romantic tradition that started in the 1700s by Charles II of Sweden. He brought the Persian custom, the language of flowers, to Europe which then traveled to America. In the past (i.e. before and during the Victorian era), an entire conversation could be made through a single bouquet of flowers with each flower and color of the blossoms having distinct meanings. A suitor could relay a highly detailed message through his choice of flowers. The red rose became the traditional flower of Valentines Day because it is the favorite rose of Venus, the god of passion.

The most important thing to remember when putting together a flower bouquet is to include your sweetheart’s favorite flower vs. purchasing a traditional Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. It might be easier to walk in and grab or send a pre-made flower arrangement from your local florist, nursery or internet florist; however remembering your loved one’s favorite flower or color will show that you really care. Today, gift giving with flowers is based more on sentiment and memory and less focused on the actual meaning behind the flower.

When making your own flower bouquet, remember that simple flower bouquets are absolutely beautiful and timeless. If red roses are your sweetheart’s favorite, you are in luck and should have plenty to choose from on Valentine’s Day. I would steer away from arrangements that have a lot of filler like babies breath and greenery. A little bit looks good for contrast, but simple is best.

Below are examples of classic arrangements that can easily be made. However, we have also linked to similar arrangements that can be purchased from 1-800 Flowers.com (for the less adventurous romantics among us).

What makes this bouquet so beautiful is the quantity of flowers, the leaves have been stripped off the stems, the stems are cut at varying lengths to create round effect, the flowers are tightly packed together and are slightly open. If you are putting together an arrangement yourself, purchase the flowers a day in advance (if possible) so the blooms have a chance to open up. These types of roses can be purchased individually for $2 per stem at a flower market or grocery store. The greenery is also sold separately as well.

If you would like to give a unique or exotic flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day, here are a few suggestions:

A bouquet of pink roses for the romantic gesture.

Simple, yet beautiful Gerbera Daisy Bouquet.

A Valentine’s Day burst of color: gorgeous gathering of lilies, roses, daisy poms, button poms, waxflower and raffia.

Simple, understated elegance: white roses, carnations, spider mums and more.

If you plan to make your own arrangement, bring in a photo or image of what you would like to create and the folks who work at the florist, market or local grocery will help you pull it all together. If you are going to have flowers delivered, know that it is standard practice to dictate specific flowers that you would like included in your flower arrangement or bouquet. The florist will tell you if they have access to the specific flowers and if not, they will suggest something similar. Because it is such a busy time year, florists will try to sell you one of their standard designs but want your business and will work with you if you have a specific request.

Here are a few tips:

- watch out for the yellow rose because it signifies friendship. It is ok to use a few in your arrangement, but using all yellow roses could get you into a sticky situation.

- To make a short red rose, flower arrangement, be sure to check out Tiffany’s Short Flower Arrangement.

- To make a tall red rose, flower arrangement, check out out Tiffany’s Tall Flower Arrangement.

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