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Hello MindBiters! We are excited to announce our newest feature in our massive awesome-feature-explosion: series pricing!  This means that authors can now bundle several lessons in a series, and sell them all at once, instead of one at a time. The series can be priced at the combined price of all the lessons, or for a discount.

This is great news for authors, who save money on the transaction fee (there is a transaction fee for each individual lesson purchased, but only one for each series purchased), and also for users, who can more easily purchase multiple lessons, and potentially at a discount! The pricing and payout structures will remain the same for series as it is for individual lessons, meaning authors can price a series ranging from $0.99-$99 (or 1-100 credits) and will get paid 65% of the sale price after a $0.29 transaction fee.

For example, let’s take a look at Thom Singer’s lessons. Thom is a networking expert who has trained thousands of professionals in the art of building professional contacts that lead to increased business and has written several books. He now brings this expertise to the MindBites community through his Business Networking lessons. You can purchase any one of Thom’s six lessons (4 on networking, 2 on speech/toast giving) individually. Thom’s networking lessons range from 13 - 20 minutes and he charges 5 credits ($4.95) for each. But you can get all 4 of Thom’s networking lessons in his series, Business Networking: Why and How, for just 10 credits ($9.90).

Other new series include Laura Berg’s Baby Sign Basics, Children’s Songs, and Everything You Need, Thinkwell’s Biology, Chemistry, Algebra (Pre-Algebra, Beginner, Intermediate, and College Algebra), Pre-Calculus, and Calculus, and Derek Noble’s At Home Workouts (Full Body, Upper Body, and Lower Body), and One On One Workouts for the Gym. More series are being added daily!

You can create series for any of your lessons by clicking the ‘Create Series’ button on your Author Dashboard - get to creatin’! prides itself on serving our clients in any way possible. In order to be able to serve you promptly at all times, we have Toll Free Number and Live Chat available full-time, 24 hours per day. You can also contact us by e-mail with any feedback, questions or comments. One of our dedicated customer support staff will respond as soon as possible to help you in any way we can

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