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I talk to people every day that are looking for ways to sell access to their video content online (those that have it already in a DVD or other format and those that are thinking about creating it).  That stands to reason since MindBites is a marketplace for video content online and also a platform that our content partners (”authors”) can use to sell access to their videos on a custom store built to be integrated into their own site.

Today, I had Joseph pull together a quick mock-up of a custom store for someone that had emailed with a few questions.  After sending over the link for him to look at how a video-on-demand store might look that was setup to be integrated into his domain, I got the following message from him: “I have two teenage kids. I text. I, however, do not intrude upon their generation; I use complete sentences…and punctuation.  BUT…when I saw Joseph’s ‘On Demand Store’ rendition…OMG was all I could think.  It’s amazing how polished the store looks and how seamlessly I could integrate it into my site.”  I get this sort of feedback all of the time from people that are looking for a way to sell video online and  get a better understanding of how working with MindBites would go.  Hence, I figured it was about time I pull together a quick blog post to include a litany of different custom store examples - so you can all see just how flexible the custom store functionality is and just how nicely the stores turn out.

1. BurgerMath - Professor Ed Burger is a professor of Mathematics at Williams College.  burgermathHe’s also the author of over 30 research videos and 12 books.  In his spare time, he worked with a company called Thinkwell to create 2000+ math video lessons on everything from middle school math to Calculus.

Thinkwell and Professor Burger recently published Burger Math, a website where you can learn a bit more about the winner of the 2010 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching (the largest - $250,000 - and most prestigious prize in higher education teaching and scholarship across all disciplines in the English speaking world).  Additionally, you can preview and purchase access to Professor Burger’s various video-based math lessons, which are great if you’re prepping for a math test or needing some math homework help.

2. Brent Mayne - Brent is a former MLB catcher that really knows his stuff as a 14 year veteran of Major League Baseball (all spent behind the plate).  brentmayneWe worked with Brent to create a custom video on demand store for his catching lessons.  His store, pictured here,was designed to be integrated into his main site, which contains biographical information on Brent as well as other types of content focused on catching that is associated with his ‘Art of Catching’ branding, blog, podcast series, etc.

Brent’s custom store is tied in to his main site through a Video Store link in his main navigation bar.  In addition to driving traffic to his custom store from his main site, he also promotes his video store and individual videos using various social media outlets (e.g. through @BrentMayne on Twitter).

3. LIVE at Broadway Dance Center / Tezoro - Live at Broadway Dance Center (LBDC) is a line of videoslbdcproduced by Tezoro productions and filmed at the Broadway Dance Center.  Tezoro Productions LIVE began with the long time dream of bringing the essence and brilliance of a dance class at Broadway Dance Center into the living rooms and studios of dance students worldwide.

LBDC sells a range of DVDs that they have produced.  When they partnered with MindBites, they did so with the intention of being able to sell access to their DVD library through their own site in a streaming/on-demand format.  Their custom store contains an array of dance lesson videos that are taught by the most qualified and talented instructors in the industry.  It ties in neatly via an On-Demand link in the navigation bar on their main site.

In addition to these three, you can check out a few more custom store examples by looking at the links in the sidebar of this blog.  Have a website that you’d like to bolt on a custom video-on-demand store to?  Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to mock up a draft of one for you.  We’ve definitely found this to be the easiest way for someone to get a feel for how a custom store might look that was designed to tie into their own existing web presence.  Questions?  Leave me a comment below and I’ll get you an answer!


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  1. Matteo Galbiati, November 30, 2010:

    One of my clients needs a movie download/stream store built, for full length (90 minutes) movies to begin with we expect it to start with about 1000 full movie views a day and then go up from there.

    What is your rate for building something like that?

    ADMIN: Hey Matteo,
    Feel free to email us at info [at] mindbites [dot] com for additional details. The quick answer though is that the cost will depend upon the number of discrete video assets/files he’s uploading to make available for sale through his store and the size of those files. You can see the basic pricing grid for us at: You’ll likely be looking at either the Professional or Business option (which both include custom stores). They have different monthly fixed costs ($14 versus $29) and different revenue share percentages (you keep 65% versus 70%). In lieu of charging for bandwidth/storage/individual views/etc, we operate on a revenue share basis with our content partners. Please email us with additional questions!

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