Teach your baby sign language - All the cool kids (and parents) are doing it

by Dustin in Author Highlight, General / 07.23.09

It seems that the modern day baby has responsibilities outside of eat, cry, poop, sleep, repeat. They are now expected to learn sign language. In fact, more and more parents are teaching their babies simple sign language… and for good reasons.

Experts say that babies have the capacity to communicate well before they master the art of speech, and anyone who has dodged a flying sippy-cup knows that children gain control of their arms and hands early on. Therefore, teaching your baby sign language allows your little one(s) to express themselves and communicate effectively a lot sooner than they would have been able to with normal speech. Being able to communicate helps reduce your baby’s frustration (which reduces the crying and whining and thus likely your own frustrations). The decrease in tantrums is only one of the many positive results of teaching your baby sign language.  According to experts Linda Acredcolo, PhD and Susan Goodwyn, PhD, the authors of Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk (3rd Edition), there are five main benefits of teaching your baby sign language:

1. Helps babies talk sooner . . . and boosts their spoken vocabulary once they start to speak
2. Empowers babies to direct adults’ attention to what they want to talk about
3. Reduces frustrations
4. Provides a strong foundation for early literacy
5. Stimulates intellectual development

Here at MindBites we have a resident baby sign language expert, Laura Berg, who can teach you everything you need spotlight-laurato know with her baby sign language how-to videos. Based out of Toronto, Laura teaches baby signing classes and trains other ASL baby sign language instructors through her company, My Smart Hands. Laura has helped countless parents in their quest to better understand and communicate with their little ones through her baby sign language classes and video lessons. Laura’s teaching background and highly developed skills in curriculum planning make her a formidable force in the classroom and in her video lessons. Her classes and video lessons have all received rave reviews, but most importantly, they offer parents the tools they need to facilitate early communication with their children.

Here are some of Laura’s fantastic MindBites that you can view to learn baby sign language today:

View all of Laura’s lessons and series here, or click through from the handy widget below:


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