The Baby Formula Charity Partner, Any Baby Can

by Alex in General / 09.04.08

We are very proud to partner with Any Baby Can in our new contest, ABC LogoThe Baby Formula. Any Baby Can has been serving Travis County and surrounding communities for almost 30 years. Their mission is to ensure that all children reach their potential through education, therapy, and family support services.

ABC offers a variety of services to support the community (prenatal education, English classes, auditory services and hearing aids, literacy classes, childbirth classes, and parenting classes), and they also organize specialized family and medical support for children with developmental delays and chronic illnesses. Through these and other services, ABC brings help and hope to more than 5,000 of our community’s youngest, sickest, and poorest children each year.


This is Max. Max was born with Down Syndrome and low tone hypotonia, conditions that were unknown prior to his birth. Hypotonia is a condition characterized by decreased muscle stamina and slower response time. His parents were introduced to Any Baby Can while they were still in the hospital, and have been assisted by an ABC service coordinator and physical therapist from the Early Childhood Intervention program since he was born. Max is now walking, and ABC continues to provide comprehensive case management, including Down Syndrome education, community referrals, and mental health counseling, in addition to physical therapy at home. Any Baby Can is thrilled to report that, “With each new day, Max and his family are making strides toward a strong future and new, exiting milestones.”

After only a brief visit to the ABC HQ and family center, we were completely blown away by the breadth of services they offer, the number of people they support, and the ear-to-ear smiles you see on the faces of not only the children and their families but also the volunteers and staff. We’re looking forward to taking the whole MindBites team over to the Any Baby Can offices to volunteer once we have everyone back from vacation.

In addition to a host of classes and services that Any Baby Can provides at their Family Resource Center on East 7th Street, the Any Baby Can staff logs more than 12K miles per month visiting families in their homes to work with children like Max and their families. I can only imagine what that gas bill looks like! We hope that the MindBites community will help us in supporting Any Baby Can through this contest and beyond.

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