The Best Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

by Ellen Ambrose in Faves, General / 02.11.09


While I am typically a traditionalist when it comes to making cards for Valentine’s Day and other occasions, I have come to understand how technology can be used as a tool or virtual assistant for making crafty cards and gifts.

This post is all about free printable Valentine’s Day cards, i.e. places on the web where you can go to print out ready made Valentine’s Day cards or cards for any other occasion. All you need is a computer, web access, paper and a printer and you are ready to go.

I really like They are easy to use and have a lot of choices. Here is how to use this free service to make/print your special occasion card.

1. The first step is to select your Valentine’s Day card.


2. Next you fill in the blanks of what you want your Valentine’s Day card message to say and click “Make It.” I selected a card style that looks more like a letter; however, you can also choose a simple card, a card that lets you say a lot or an invitation style card. Don’t hold back with your wording, Valentine’s Day is the time to let it all out and say how you truly feel.


3. Review your custom message and print!


4. You can also print your own envelopes.

You can see that the step-by-step directions are very easy to follow and you end up with a great card that you made at home for FREE!

Here are some other Valentine’s Day Printables sites that are worth checking out:

- Free Printable Valentines for kids-

- Valentine Printables for kids and adults- I love the graphic and vintage designs.

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